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Worship at Crosspointe

We believe that Scripture describes four elements for the gathering of God’s people for worship:  


Reading of Scripture

Passages relevant to what we are studying on any given Sunday are read, usually by one of our students, preparing us for the study of God’s Word.


Singing Together

Music is one of the most powerful tools God has given to us.  While there are a million songs we could sing our desire is to sing songs that are wholly God-centered, as opposed to man-centered, are easy to sing, and are pleasing to the ear.  There are songs written long ago that fit this criteria as well as songs that are brand new.  The time frame isn’t nearly as important as the content, primarily, and the orchestration, secondarily.


Biblical Teaching

The highest regard for the special revelation of God’s Word that we have in the scriptures must be evident. This starts in the pulpit. Under-shepherds are called to feed the sheep and what is most nourishing to hungry souls is the God-breathed pages of the Bible. Verse by verse teaching brings clarity to the minds of the hearers, forces preachers to teach the whole counsel of God’s Word, and must be practical, relevant, and interesting.


Prayer Together

We devote a few minutes of each worship service to praying the scripture we just studied or another related passage.  On special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or the beginning of the school year we will pray for a specific group of people.  Sometimes we pray for a crisis facing our nation or the world.  God has given us access to his throne through the blood of Jesus Christ and it is our privilege to enter as a church collectively.



10:30 AM

401 N Reynolds Road, Bryant, AR 72022

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