Our 5 Mission Fronts

Mission Front 1:
Bryant Public Schools

How can we engage the students, faculty and staff of Bryant Schools with the gospel?
II Corinthians 5.20-21

Mission Front 2:
Bryant City Center

Can we use the gospel to stimulate economic growth and create community with our neighbors?
Jeremiah 29.4-7

Mission Front 3:

What are ways we can show families, including single parents, how the gospel transforms their homes?
Ephesians 5.32-33

Mission Front 4:
Most Vulnerable People

How can we minister to kids in foster situations, assist those on the pathway to adoption, fight against human trafficking, and advocate for the unborn?
Isaiah 58.6-7

Mission Front 5:
International Church Planting

Will God grant us the grace to plant a multiplying church in Vietnam and give us access to Vietnamese people or other people groups in our community?
Acts 1.8

What We Believe

We, at Crosspointe, believe that our daily walk with Christ should be: Theological, Missional andFunctional. Theologically, we believe that our walk should be gospel centric, God exalting, family drivenand taught through expository preaching. We believe that our focus on sharing the Gospel should include a “discipleship web“, be organic, invest in equipping and then releasing those equipped Christians out into the world and be focused on multiplying the Kingdom. Functionally we believe that the church should beelder-led, allow for the flexible schedules of members and spend reasonably.

Our Ministry Leaders

Ryan Ingold elder & teaching pastor

Brian Devine elder

Danny Keesee elder

Cody O’Neal minister to students & families

Andrea Ingold childcare coordinator

Zach Rollings financial director

Thomas Becker technology director

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