From the Growth Fund Team:

As we discussed the journey of raising money for a down payment on our building, we all agreed that we don’t want this effort to just be about a building. As a church, our mission is to make disciples and the building is simply a tool for making disciples. With this in mind, our prayer is we would grow in other areas while we are raising money for a down payment. Therefore, this campaign is for the purpose of raising money as we develop in three areas:


One of the earliest prayers for Crosspointe has been that we would want a church planting church on every continent. As we develop as a local body of Christ we will have more and more opportunities to progress toward that goal. The $10,000 we raise will prepare us to support Crosspointers who are taking short-term mission trips.


This purchase includes a building to the south we hope to use for a variety of purposes: a seasonal thrift store, a soup kitchen, after school ministries, recovery ministries, his and hers ministries. These are things that cost money. The $10,000 raised from this effort will go to cover expenses like supplies and groceries.


Crosspointe has been blessed with a number of friends and supporters from outside the body. One of these friends has graciously fronted the money for our downpayment and agreed to math each dollar given by Crosspointe members up to $30,000. That means your contribution is doubled every time you give to the Growth Fund!

Our goal is simple to raise $50,000 over the next 18 months in order to prepare us to make disciples globally, locally and in our homes.

With all our love, The Growth Fund Team

Crosspointe Growth Fund – 2016.01.10