No Other God’s
Exodus 20.1-3
Mohler on Epistemology:  “How do we know and teach what we claim to know and teach?”
What we believe about Scripture:
Two General Implications of the first commandment:
When we choose a God for ourselves it must be THE God.
1. We must acknowledge that God (Jehovah) is worthy to be a God. (Psalms 89.6, I Cor. 8.4)
2. We must know Him adequately in order to choose Him.  (Josh. 24.15, I Chron. 28.9)
3. We must commit to a covenant with God.
4. We must revere Him as God. (Psalm 29.2, Isaiah 42.8)
5. We must have a healthy fear of God. (Psalm 16.8, Prov. 1.7)
6. We must trust Him to meet our needs. (Psalm 141.8, Psalm 37.3-4)
7. We must love and obey Him. (John 14.21)
There is no other God (Deut. 4.39).
We must avoid two pitfalls:
Serving a false god (Jer. 2.26-27)
Joining a false god with the true and living God (II Kings 17.33). Pluralism
How this is practically demonstrated:
To TRUST in anything more than God is to make it a god.
To LOVE anything more than God is to make it a god.

Ryan Ingold

Pastor, Crosspointe Church
Psalm 1.2-3