Recommendation of Property Acquisition

Church Family,
An opportunity has been put before us to purchase the three lots west of our ministry building on the south side of fourth street.  This property includes a three-bedroom,  two-bath house, mature trees and a beautiful chain link fence.  The agreed upon price for purchasing the property is $75,000.  Monthly payments on a 15-year note are projected to be between $550-600.  The house is currently being rented for $725 per month.
The Advisory Team has recommended we pursue the purchase of this property pending inspections and general unity from our church body.  Here are some reasons this purchase could help our ministry:
1.  We have no green space for outdoor use.  This property would allow us to build a playground, create an amphitheater, a place for picnics, whiffle ball or ultimate frisbee.  Community gardens and other options have been mentioned as well.
2.  This is an area that is overgrown and somewhat unsightly.   We could be a blessing to our neighbors by keeping it neat and tidy and useful to them.
3.  Should we choose to keep it rented, the rental income would pay for the property for us.
4.  The house also gives us some ministry options.  We could use it to house mission teams that come to help Crosspointe.  We could offer it to missionaries on furlough.  We could also expand our staff by offering them free housing.
According to our constitution, the body must be given a two-week period to pray through the proposal, ask questions, raise concerns or express affirmation for this decision.  This vision was cast Sunday, April 10, so the two-week period will expire on April 24.  For questions and comments please contact elders Ben Phillips ( or Ryan Ingold ( or treasurer Keith Freeman (