Mission Front 1:
Bryant Public Schools

How can we engage the students, faculty and staff of Bryant Schools with the gospel?
II Corinthians 5.20-21

Mission Front 2:
Bryant City Center

Can we use the gospel to stimulate economic growth and create community with our neighbors?
Jeremiah 29.4-7

Mission Front 3:

What are ways we can show families, including single parents, how the gospel transforms their homes?
Ephesians 5.32-33

Mission Front 4:
Most Vulnerable People

How can we minister to kids in foster situations, assist those on the pathway to adoption, fight against human trafficking, and advocate for the unborn?
Isaiah 58.6-7

Mission Front 5:
International Church Planting

Will God grant us the grace to plant a multiplying church in Vietnam and give us access to Vietnamese people or other people groups in our community?
Acts 1.8