Jesus gave his followers, or those who pretended to be, an ultimatum. “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9.23) Following Christ can’t be done casually or in a half-hearted way. Crosspoint is a community of followers of Christ who help one another take up their cross daily. Join us as we follow Jesus in fulfilling His mission of reconciling people to God.


Homepointe ~

Long before our Sunday Morning gatherings began we established ourselves as a church of small groups. We call them Homepointes. These are the lifeblood of Crosspoint and are characterized by three things: 1) Biblical, our small groups discussions are usually based on the passage of scripture that is taught from the pulpit on Sundays. 2) Intergenerational, we believe there is a huge benefit in grandparents, parents, students and children meeting together for bible study, and 3) Missional, in addition to study and fellowship our groups are on mission together to reach their neighborhoods.


Families on Pointe ~

We believe families are the primary environment for making disciples. Our desire is to equip moms and dads to disciple their own children as followers of Christ. We do this by providing a family worship guide that complements the sermon for the week, holding periodic equipping seminars for disciple-making parents, and pointing parents to resources that nurture their children in the gospel.


Pointemen ~

One of the most fundamental needs men have today is relationships and yet surveys indicate most men lack relationships with any sort of depth, particularly with other guys that love God and His Word. Our Poitemen ministry operates on two parallel tracks. Track 1 is our monthly Men’s Breakfast. Here we gather on a Saturday morning and discuss what it means to be a godly man who spiritually leads his family. Track 2 is what we call Fight Clubs. These are small groups of men (4-6) that meet on a weekly to bi-weekly basis in order to  “fight the good fight of faith.” (1 Tim 6.12) An annual men’s retreat may also be in works for the future.


Women ~

Our women are cherished as depicted in Proverbs 31. A thriving woman is one who loves and uses her gifts to serve the body of the church. Our women meet for short-term bible studies (6-8 weeks) during the spring, summer, and fall. The model we try to follow for discipling women is found in Titus 2, where Paul urges Titus to train older women (generally, not always) to teach the younger women. Our women also gather for fellowship activities and simulcast events throughout the year.


Youthepointe ~

While the lion’s share of the discipleship process is the responsibility of parents, it is important that our secondary students have an identity that is their own. Crosspointe students gather on a monthly basis for a ministry project and/or a time just to hang out and be together. We call this Youthpointe. Our students have cleaned out clothes closets, washed windows at a nursing home, painted playground equipment, and done random acts of love in our community. As a teenager, our students have acces to peers who are exploring new things and thinking in new ways. We try to lead our students to pray for those they are close to that need Jesus.


CPKids ~

We as a church cannot, and should not, replace the role of parents in training their own children to be disciples of Christ. On a quarterly basis we hold Grade School Game Night when families go head-to-head in friendly games. We also offer a scripture memory method called Under the Tree, based on Psalm 1.2-3. The goal is to give kids an opportunity to memorize and internalize 12 Bible verses per year. Our desire is to see our kids leave Crosspointe one day with a tremendous handle on the Bible.


Worship @ CP ~

Music is one of the most powerful tools God has given to us. While there are a million songs we could sing our desire is to sing songs that are wholly God-centered, as opposed to man-centered, are easy to sing, and are pleasing to the ear. There are songs written long ago that fit this criteria as well as songs that are brand new. The time frame isn’t nearly as important as the content, primarily, and the orchestration, secondarily.


CP on Mission ~

Mission exists because worship doesn’t. Our desire is to see more and more worshippers come before the throne room of God and experience the satisfaction of worshipping Him. This is our desire for people we live around locally AND people from a variety of places an cultures around the world. Locally we are praying that we would have missional homepointes in each neighborhood in Saline County. Globally we are praying that God would one day use us to plant a reproducing church on every continent on the planet. Even though Crosspointe is a new church we are seeking to establish relationships with Christians locally and globally who will partner with us in bringing worshippers before the throne of God.